Welcome to the Financial Fox Club

The exclusive gathering of the brightest minds in Web3

The Financial Fox Club is your entry to a fun, immersive world where technology meets reality and anything is possible.

Our members are shaping history by pushing the envelope with disruptive technology that’s being created today.

FinancialFox Club

Where it started

The Financial Fox Club is an extension of the popular Financial Fox multimedia platform and podcast, where curious minds gather to challenge the status quo and drive innovation. 

NFTs with benefits

Purchasing a Financial Fox NFT gives you access to the foxiest private club for smart and beautiful. Your foxy membership benefits will increase over time and your foxy identity will open secret  doors for you. 

In a world where you can be anything, the Financial Fox Club embraces the curious, the brave, the unique; future focuses thinkers who set trends. 

Be part of select few and enhance your knowledge, networking, and enjoyment of our community.

Why foxes?

Foxes by their nature are curious, smart and investigative, but also beautiful and playful. Foxes  like to explore, hunt and play – the Financial Fox Club grew from the Financial Fox multimedia platform created to demystify the world of crypto and investigate the technology powered future. Miss Foxy, Steffy, never take yes or no for an answer – she finds the answer! Steffy enjoys meeting like-minded foxes, discussing ideas and dining together while enjoying a foxy experience! 

Get foxy with us – our den is open but not for many and not for long . Be part of our elite skulk and secure your place among the smartest and most beautiful foxes before it’s too late.



FinancialFox was born and started broadcasting


FinancialFox achieves over 10,000 subscribers

Q2 2023

July Discord Channel Live

Q4 2023

1st Financial Fox Event


Your Financial Fox Club NFT’s will appear in whatever address or connected wallet you used to purchase. You can see your transaction history by clicking on your wallet address in the header.

Yes! You can list your NFT for sale on (TBC). Find out more here: How do I list an NFT to sell?

By owning any NFT in the Financial Fox Club (FFC) ecosystem, you own the underlying artwork and all of its Intellectual Property.

We’re strong believers in the power of Web3 and are really excited by all of the exciting new possibilities this can give people both personally and commercially. It’s important to us that the project aligns itself to a more decentralized approach, this includes how we handle the IP connected to the underlying artwork of your FFC NFTs. Our Intellectual Property Assignment agreement grants you complete ownership of your FFC NFTs, transferring all rights to the art to each holder completely.

You can view the full agreement here: Digital Ownership Assignment

Everything created around your FFC NFT during your ownership of the NFT does not transfer when you sell it or give it away. The derivative works remain in their current owners’ possession.